Funding Accepting Bitcoin Donations

ColdFusionNow.Org is pleased to announce that is has started accepting donations in the form of Bitcoin.

Our bitcoin address is: 1MHZ9JQ2mD4CSQN7bYuqM2sTFDey5YJ9Zx

Your donation supports news analysis, education, and advocacy for the science and technology of Cold Fusion aka Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR).

CFN takes great pride accessing primary sources without bias. Exclusive interviews […]

Q&A with Ugo Abundo on newly forming Open Power Association

Ugo Abundo is one of the teacher’s at Leopoldo Pirelli Instruction Institute in Roma, Italia that initiated an investigation with students on cold fusion. Watch their activity at

This release came in about a new Association that group is forming to fund research.

1) What are the current projects and activities […]

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Protected: MFMP launches new charity for expansion of Live Open Science

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LENR-Gen Module needs your vote

George Miley’s LENUCO company is vying for a chance to speak and “pitch” for funding to develop the LENR-Gen module, this time, from private investment representatives.

LENUCO has previously attempted to access ARPA-E funding at the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit.

LENR-Gen modules are, according to Miley, “LENR Power Units [that] use pressurized […]

THE WAVEMAKER – Upcoming Film Featuring Irving Dardik (Needs Your Vote)

There’s an upcoming film called THE WAVEMAKER which features Dr. Irving Dardik and his Superwave Principle and includes appearances by Martin Fleischmann, Robert Duncan, and Michael McKubre.

The filmmakers are seeking votes to get Indiewires “Project of the Month” which will win them a consultation with the Tribeca Film Institute.

They are […]

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Hot and Cold Fusion at MIT

This is an action initiated by Contributor Gregory Goble, poet and clean energy advocate. He felt pity for the hot fusioneers who have lost their largesse due to budget cuts, and who might now consider taking help from their poor ole cousins in the cold fusion community who have the […]

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The Rossi 45MW LENR Power Plant is a Real Bargain Compared to Nuclear

Rossi made the following comment on his blog:

Dear Dr Joseph Fine:
– In a 45 MW plant, if Siemens gives us 30% of efficiency, the COP is not 6, is infinite: the energy to drive the resistances will be made by the E-Cat: if we make 45 thermal MWh/h, 15 electric MWh/h […]

ARPA-E Wants “Transformational Energy Technologies”

After Cold Fusion Now sent letters to Congressional Sub-committees requesting hearings on ARPA-E funding, and subsequent hearings were held into their funding priorities, ARPA-E has announced a funding opportunity for researchers in “Transformational Energy”.

What source of energy is more transformational than the ultra-clean fusion-sized power from hydrogen in a transition metal? […]

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