GlobalBEM PULSE #3: “We ourselves are the biggest obstacle to breakthrough”

The Global Breakthrough Energy Movement is a collective of artists, activists, and technologists creating events and forums for new energy researchers in order to power a revolution in human living arrangements, and they have published another edition of their flagship magazine.

PULSE presents science and technology in the field of breakthrough energy. […]

Rare audio outtakes of Sir Arthur C. Clarke on cold fusion

Video: Arthur C. Clarke excerpt from 1998 documentary film Fire From Water

Sir Arthur C. Clarke wrote in support of cold fusion when mainstream publications refused to publish on the topic. Clarke also lent the authority of his voice to the film Fire From Water, the 1998 documentary film written by […]

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Brillouin Energy and SRI advancing together

Video: Robert Godes speaking at ICCF-18 in the Entrepreneurs session.

Brillouin Energy Corporation and SRI International continue their association cooperatively on experiments towards a commercial quantum fusion energy generator.

“We are solving engineering problems with the Hydrogen Hot Tube (HHT&#8482) and expect to have a solid system by the end […]

2014 History of Cold Fusion Calendar Available Now!

You asked for it, and now it’s here: the 2014 History of Cold Fusion Calendar!

Jam packed with lots of new info and quotes, this year’s must-have gift for your new energy enthusiast is sure to please.

Twelve gorgeous full-color images from leading researchers of today, as well as rare photos from […]

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Caveman Science Committee Concludes Fire Does Not Exist

Original article on Build the Enterprise here.

In helping to think about Cold Fusion … let’s go back in time to when claims of fire-starting were first heard about. Recall how the science committee reacted …

Back in the caveman and cavewoman days, someone had the idea to try to create fire […]

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Asleep at the Foot of the Bristlecone Pine

Once in Awhile We Should Pause and Listen
Learn About LENR Energy – Popular Cold Fusion
Listen to the Bistlecone Pine

As the SAGA of Cold Fusion Energy Unfolds
The Bristlecone Pine Bears Witness
As Do We
At Cold Fusion Now
Forever and Eternally Grateful for the Works of Sergio Focordi – et. al.
A Tribute to Sergio Focardi from the […]

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E-Cat World wants your video for LENR/cold fusion movie

A crowdsourced video on new energy needs your 30-second spots.

Frank Acland, proprietor of E-Cat World, will compile video clips from the public on low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR). The purpose? Increase awareness about the current revolution in energy happening now unbeknownst to the majority of people.

After two-and-a-half decades of […]

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Mystery or Knot Science “Cold Fusion” – LENR

Mystery or Knot Science

Mystery is a Knot…  Intertwining

Science is an Art…  Unraveling


Love is a World – Operation

Love is a Lattice – Vibration

Love is a Source – Energizing

Love is a Life – Learning


Love is the Earth – We Birth

Love is the Water – We Drink

Love is the Fire – We Live

Love is […]

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