2017 LENRIA Calendar


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Just out of the box and more jam-packed than ever before! The The Industrial Association for LENR finally released their 2017 LENRIA Calendar and this year’s effort is the best yet!

January date page
Every square centimeter of space educates and fascinates with the facts and figures of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (CMNS). As full disclosure, I myself Ruby Carat worked on this very calendar, together with LENRIA’s Steve Katinsky, who produced a fabulous visual directory of the scientific field.

Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project represents open science for all humanity
Featuring an impressive network of global researchers working to unlock the promise of Nano-Nuclear Reactions, as the 2016 SPAWAR report described them and is quoted in the calendar, one-after-another, the pages reveal the sheer number of people working to find a solution to our global resource needs – using only bits of metals and ultra-clean hydrogen from water. The last several years have witnessed an increasing rate of interest in the science, as well as the technology.

Working together, the CMNS scientists profiled in the 2017 LENRIA Calendar show the world what cooperation beyond borders looks like. Photos from the recent 20th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (ICCF 20) held in Sendai, Japan along with a satellite conference in Xiamen, China, have experimentalists and theorists from every continent represented.

I still have mine on my refrigerator.
As a calendar there’s little room to write your appointments, as the date spaces collect the wisdom and knowledge of the field today with quotes, historical facts, and an occasional equation to elevate the fun. It’s more art than contemporary date book, more science almanac than nostalgic paper calendar.

Last year’s 2016 LENRIA Calendar was a huge tool for advocates, wowing newcomers to the field with its lavish tech photos, showing some well-funded, and scientifically-successful ventures. This year, the elite of scientific research see themselves as a cohesive community, one united in purpose: a clean energy revolution.

A technology eludes engineers and a theoretical model still awaits community confirmation, but the research is coming closer than ever to narrowing-down the criteria for success. After 28 years of effort, designs are finding ways to extract value from the effects, which once understood, will point the way to a green technological future for all of life kind, on Earth and beyond. With ultra-clean, energy-dense power from the hydrogen in water, we have the choice to re-make our planet without the imaginary borders and imaginary disputes, but the greatest collaborative global project ever conceived.

If you haven’t received your copy soon, or you want more, please purchase a copy from the Infinite Energy Foundation and Magazine website here:

John Varney Canadian Energy Initiative

John Varney is an engineer and passionate energy activist in Canada. He formulated a Canadian Energy Initiative – Let’s Start Now [pathway002.pdf] and has written many letters to Canada’s political and business leaders about the need for change.

And may I thank you, dear friends, for your activism towards a new energy future. With Earth systems in seizure, building a 21st century living arrangement will require a power source radically different than what we have now. We are all on the front line of change.

> From: John Varney Dated: September 14th. 2016
> 33 Eastmount Ave. #1005
> Toronto ON M4K 1V3
> Canada
> Tel: 416-274-7279
> Attention of: Ruby – At Cold Fusion Now – this document is important to the Cruise Industry and your staff will be well served if you have the courage to bring it to their attention.
> Strategy – It is imperative that the governments of the fully industrialized nations [UK, Canada, USA, Germany, France, Japan and Russia] recognize the approaching disaster of extreme climate change and build a cohesive and unified political and industrial action group to phase out the use of fossil/fissile fuels within a few years for power generation by introducing the new technologies described herein of renewables plus direct electric energy cells and within two decades for the global transportation networks, by integrating the barium titanate solid state supercapacitors with clean power production for total electric propulsion
> Rolls Royce [together with the Cambridge university team researching energy], with their fine track record of innovative excellence and their opportunity to serve the greater good [Mitigating the approaching disaster of extreme climate change], are well placed to build, test and prove the EC40 prototype of the Direct Electric Energy Cell that will likely revolutionize the production of clean, powerful, compact land-based electric power and when used with the emerging “Supercapacitor” technology will enable the immediate commencement of a retro-fit program [applying to all industrialized nations] for all the worlds transportation networks, into a state of electric propulsion [thus reduce polluting emissions to land, sea and air to almost zero within a few decades].
> The UK would form a cohesive consortium with – Canada, America, Germany, France, Japan and Russia in launching this technology to the world rapidly. What a great and progressive opportunity.
> From: John Varney Dated: May 30th. 2016
> 33 Eastmount Ave. #1005
> Toronto ON M4K 1V3
> Canada
> Tel: 416-274-7279
> To: Researchers, Manufacturers in the power generation and transportation industries, Governments and the media.
> The pollution of land, sea and air by the use of fossil/fissile fuels over the past century, is the leading cause of global warming, climate change and the acceleration of species extinction.
> The global society is now united in calling for drastic action by governments and industry [via existing and emerging technologies] to mitigate the approaching chaos and devastation of extreme climate change.
> The only action that will achieve an acceptable remedy is the elimination of the use of fossil/fissile fuels for power generation, all forms of transportation and for the elimination of the manufacture and storage of nuclear fuels and nuclear weaponry.
> This new concept of the “Direct Electric energy cell” converts basic fusion reactions from pure hydrogen gas [contained at extreme pressure and temperature conditions within a special catalyst cartridge consisting of a matrix of vertically aligned nanotubes] to isotopes of hydrogen , namely deuterium, tritium and finally helium. These isotopes are stripped of their electrons [which flow to the anode plate] whilst the remaining ions flow to the cathode plate and thus form a dc. electric current [measured in AMPS]. The dc. current is then allied to a variable voltage [applied to the anode plate] that provides the means of exporting dc. electric power from the cathode electrode, at a very wide range of power operating typically from 2% of max. continuous rating to 100% of max.continuous rating [from 1000 vlts to 50,000 volts]. Further processing of exported power will transform the dc. power to ac. power at the voltage matching the local grid.
> When fully tested and proven the Direct Electric energy Cell will be specified via a universal, thorough and comprehensive document that will enable all industrialized nations to enter a mass production program [of utmost urgency] that is stable and globally managed. The net result will be the complete conversion [replacement] of all the world’s fossil fired power generating stations as well as all of the worlds nuclear [fission] power generating stations within a period of a few years. The subsequent dismantling of this multitude of redundant plants will produce major global projects that ensure the process is environmentally friendly.
> For the auto and aero engine manufacturers, incremental improvement [over time] of engine efficiency is no more than a feeble and convenient “lip service” to the grave challenge facing the global society and actually prolongs the use of fossil fuels on the boast of high efficiency. With the enormous manufacturing capacity [world-wide] now available, existing and emerging energy technologies [urgently tested and proven] can be rapidly implemented around the world to establish an infrastructure of clean energy power generation within a few years and can subsequently, effect a new era of electric propulsion [for the entire global transportation networks] within a few decades.
> This is an invitation to you, to be involved in developing these concepts [without any obligation to the originator John Varney, for protection of his legal rights or for any involvement by him in any business ventures that may propagate from your testing and proving programs].
> About me: Now long retired after an extensive career in engineering starting in 1956 – 1961 [apprenticeship plus college degree HNC mech].In the 1960s with Rolls- Royce on aero engine design and then nuclear submarine reactor design. Subsequently in several heavy industries consulting on process plants, steel plants and power generation.
> I now enjoy creating new and progressive concepts for government and industry for them to initiate proving and testing and to subsequently [and urgently] build a vigorous global business without any legal or business obligation to me.
> I am choosing not to be active in any initiated program but if kept in the loop of project, will be happy via email to make any suggestions that may maintain progress.
> Pathway to clean energy
> A brief window of opportunity has opened for human society to make a crucial break with fossil/fissile fuels before the climate change chaos threatens our survival. The attached document presents the technology and strategy for our collective action.
> The renewables of wind and solar energy sources, would be complimented with a new raw fuel of “water”, which with a process of refining via electrolysis, will form pure hydrogen gas that will support basic fusion reactions [known as LENR].
> When this new, clean power generating source of “Direct Electric Energy Cells” is integrated with the emerging and remarkable energy storage technology of “super-capacitors “, we then have the opportunity to transform all the global transportation networks via retrofit of existing systems [and later by building new networks] to electric propulsion.
> Not only is the pollution of the atmosphere, oceans and land masses arrested, but global industry will be energized to accommodate millions and millions of new long-term quality jobs to help close the gap between rich and poor.
> This vast global undertaking, as it gets underway, will be the greatest project ever contemplated by mankind and this pathway will create a global, political and industrial cohesion that will demand stability, inclusion and equality giving future generations a prospect of hope, health and a thriving aspiration for life.
> John Varney

Webinar with Ruby and Energy 2.0 Saturday Sep 24


Ooops! Webinar with Ruby on Sat Sep 24!

Join me for a cappuccino and discussion with the Energy 2.0 Society on making movies and art about cold fusion science. I’ll talk about meeting some of the top scientists in the field and who’s next in the Cold Fusion Now! camera crosshairs. Ask me questions, and I’ll try to answer too!

“Communicating the Science of LENR/cold fusion” is the rather flat title, but straight-up, that’s what it is!

The details?

Saturday, September 24, 2016
10 am CDT (8AM West coast US) (3PM GMT)
(Check http://worldtimebuddy.com/ for your time)

Register for the webinar at

Join the conversation on Saturday at

Download a flyer here.


See you there!

Live Long and Prosper – Cold Fusion Now!

Title graphic: Cold Fusion Then – Cold Fusion Now!.

It was twenty-six years ago today that the world learned of a new form of energy that promised a green technological future for all life on Earth.

Twenty-six years later, we can’t yet buy a reactor in Home Depot, but prototypes are multiplying in independent labs.

We don’t yet have university labs training a new generation of scientists, but young entrepreneurs are self-organizing around open-science principles.

The ground is formed, and a figure emerging. A critical mass of awareness has occurred.

Could a man like Bill Gates ignore what he was told one day last fall?

And where would the most powerful man in the world go to get the real deal on the scientific question of our time?

The Department of Energy? Oh do not be cruel.

Dr. Robert Duncan at ICCF-18.
Dr. Robert Duncan at ICCF-18.
Dr. Robert Duncan, former Vice Chancellor of Research at University of Missouri, was key in creating the Sidney Kimmel Institute of Nuclear Renaissance (SKINR), now directed by Dr. Graham Hubler, formerly of Naval Research Lab.

Watch Graham Hubler’s SKINR Overview from ICCF-18.

Slide from Graham Hubler's SKINR Overview at ICCF-18
Slide from Graham Hubler’s SKINR Overview at ICCF-18

Now Dr. Duncan is at Texas Tech University as Senior Vice President for Research, where he is Founder and Director for the Center for Emerging Energy Sciences (CEES). From the Texas Tech University Board of Regents Agenda Book for the meeting December 11-12, 2014 [.pdf], CEES will study the Anomalous Heat Effect (AHE), one of the many names for cold fusion that emphasizes the mysterious and as-yet-unknown reaction that creates fusion-sized heat from small, table-top reactors.

According to Texas Tech, total research expenditures topped $140 million in 2012. What portion will go to CEES? Even 1% would be a welcome change, but not enough to do what CEES wants: to discover the nature of the reaction, and engineer a technology.

They will partner with ENEA, the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development and contract with a scientist “soon to retire” from SRI International. These two institutions are experienced in the field of condensed matter nuclear science, publishing major results over twenty-six years of research.

Dr. Vittorio Violanted at ICCF-18
Dr. Vittorio Violante of ENEA at ICCF-18
Director of Energy Research at SRI International is Dr. Michael McKubre, whose lab dream team has reproduced results such as the correlation of excess heat from cells that use a fuel of deuterium with the amount of helium produced. ENEA’s early experiments probed the properties of materials. Led by Dr. Vittorio Violante, the lab has worked the SRI regularly for the past two-and-a-half decades to produce unique metallic hydrides used in the numerous ground-breaking experiments. He briefed Bill Gates and friends last November.

The complete service environment for a new energy technology is now in place. We have the metal, we have the water, and we have a desperately broken global economy ready for re-tooling.

Alliances are forming. How will the LENR community respond?

Cold fusion scientists, so used to being ignored, now expect to be ignored. They are as ill-prepared today for the onslaught of attention as Drs. Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons were twenty-six years ago when the two quiet researchers emerged from their basement lab to tell what they had found, and were crushed by the satellite environment invading their every beaker.

Since then, the International Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science should have had CNN covering their conferences, but most of the time, they had NO ONE. When someone was there, it wasn’t Anderson Cooper, it was Infinite Energy Magazine, and sometimes, those scalawags from Cold Fusion Now.

When the Gates Foundation does makes their move (and how could they not?), will the second tier of capitalists start jumping in? Will CNBC start sending professional crews for sit-downs with real video equipment – and lights?! You betcha!

And where will the press go to for clear information? How do you start to investigate a story that has been hiding in plain sight for two-and-a-half-decades?

Well, er, I am available as of this morning to design and manage any public relations campaign, so please do call.

What will you get?


UPDATE on Cold Fusion Now Actions

I have little time to blog anymore.
The poor Cold Fusion Now website is neglected and in disarray. (Wanna help re-design? Email me!)
My activity hasn’t stopped…

Last fall, I was on our local TV news surreptitiously holding two cold fusion books, Developments in Electrochemistry Science Inspired by Martin Fleischmann and The Explanation of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction, as I talked about the upcoming Science Night at our community college.

More recently, our little town’s tribute to Leonard Nimoy, simply called Spock Day, brought the news cameras out, and they caught a little promo I always bring with me. Notice the Cold Fusion Now sticker in the corner?! How about the new Hydrogen coasters on the bar? Check out these photos snapped off the TV:

Geek girl Ruby Carat with KIEM News' Steve King, and Astronomer John Pedicino.
Geek girl Ruby Carat, KIEM News Steve King, and Astronomer John Pedicino.
KIEM-TV's Brad Curtis with partial CFN sticker
KIEM-TV’s Brad Curtis photographed on TV with partial CFN sticker



Hydrogen atom coasters on the bar at Spock Day
Hydrogen atom coasters on the bar at Spock Day courtesy Cold Fusion Now!
Spock and CFN on TV together!
Spock and CFN on TV together!

All lots of fun, but is it really making a difference?


While cartoons of hydrogen atoms, and running around leaving coasters on bars may seem like a joke to the serious-minded, (and I’ve gotten the “disgruntled” mail to prove it!) I believe that every act of advocacy is worthwhile, and has the potential to change one life, or a billion lives.

Any moment, a teaching moment!

In a recent algebra class, I was demonstrating properties of polynomial functions. I brought up Making Sense of Alumina Spectral Emissivity, a new paper by Bob Higgins on his deep-dive into the thermal imaging of the nickel-hydrogen “dog-bone” reactors. It is an excellent introductory article to the sticky issues in thermal measurement. In the paper is the equation for radiant power emitted from a blackbody as proportional to the temperature of the body to the fourth power, M = εσ T4.

As I started to talk about how coefficients scale a function, and in particular how the emissivity effects the radiant power in this equation, several students brought up Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat – more than ever before! I was able to answer some questions, putting people on the path to reason, instead of reaction. Who knows what that will be inspired in the minds of creative youth?

Dr. Melvin Miles at SPAWAR
Dr. Melvin Miles at SPAWAR
New movie finished; waiting for release!

Even more fun was the trip to San Diego this past January to interview Navy scientists on their work in cold fusion research.

Altogether, I filmed a total of five hours video interviews with Dr. Stanislaw Szpak, Dr. Frank Gordon, both from the SPAWAR lab, and Dr. Melvin Miles, from the China Lake Research lab. I have finished editing a first movie from those interviews, and I’ve already started on a second.

It’s important to have these scientists who’ve worked so long alone to tell their own story. Cold fusion has a complicated history, with a complicated science, and complicated people. As it moves to the mainstream, and information begins to dissipate through the feeds, a need for simplicity will distort the truth of the real events as they happened.

If the people who lived it don’t tell their story, someone else will. The LENR community must shape the story of what happened when one of the greatest discoveries of all time was kept from the world. It is important for the integrity of those who suffered the consequences; the intrepid researchers must be recognized, and the rest of us deserve a clean-energy future.

Hep the elite to what’s going down!

Dr. Melvin Miles visiting Caltech January 2015.
Dr. Melvin Miles visiting Caltech January 2015.
I had picked up Dr. Miles for the trip to San Diego, and on the way back, we stopped in Pasadena, California at the campus of Caltech for a little advocacy. Dr. Miles and I dropped off copies of the chapter on cold fusion from Developments in Electrochemistry Science Inspired by Martin Fleischmann to a few key Caltech faculty. Written by Dr. Miles and Dr. Michael McKubre of SRI International, the chapters were distributed in mailboxes to such luminaries as David Goodstein and Nate Lewis. We were able to hand one personally to Dr. Harry Gray, an eminent researcher who Miles had met years ago at another college.

Walking into Dr. Gray’s office, he was open to meeting us, and surprised at the activity in the LENR field. He remarked, “I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.”

Postcard for LENR book on Caltech bulletin board.
Postcard for LENR book on Caltech bulletin board.
I also put Cold Fusion Now stickers and postcards for Dr. Edmund StormsThe Explanation of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction on lots of Caltech bulletin boards, knowing many students will see them, and not be as closed-minded as their professors.




Rocket scientists always get the latest

Postcards, stickers, and magnets were left at Voyager Airport Restaraunt.
Postcards, stickers, and magnets were left at Voyager Airport Restaurant.
Always a stop on my travels, the Mojave Spaceport got another dose of news when I dropped off stickers, postcards, and calendar magnets to Virgin Galactic‘s office there and the cafe where all the rocket scientists eat lunch.

I left a serious wad of materials on the way down to San Diego (I asked permission, and the gal said “Oh yeah, we’re always happy to have more stuff to look at”), and when I came back through a week later, they were all gone, so I laid more down.

The Cold Fusion Now calendar magnet was still on the soda machine. Yah!

Cold Fusion Now calendar magnet sits at Mojave Spaceport soda machine!
Cold Fusion Now calendar magnet sits at Mojave Spaceport soda machine!

Got a ticket for the ride of your life?

We have only to look back at the early publications of Infinite Energy Magazine, started by Eugene Mallove and Jed Rothwell, to see what lies ahead: an explosion of interest, and businesses popping up like clover. I get dizzy thinking about the speed at which this nascent technology will sweep the planet – and I can’t wait!

For twenty-six years, the world has been moments away from breakthrough. We don’t have to wait much longer. We will have a second chance at designing living arrangements for all the life on our planet – and we can begin now!

All in all, the lack of activity on the Cold Fusion Now website is only because we are taking our activism to a new level. I do want to sincerely apologize to everyone I have not written back this past year. Your messages are important to me, and give me a boost when I really need it. I thank you and am grateful for your support. With two p-t jobs and a mortgage, I haven’t been able to respond in a timely manner. I will do better.

There is much more activity going on, but it’s still premature to tell the details.
Like, did I ever tell you about the time …


..Aiy yai yai!


Ruby at Spock Day: "The good of the many outweighs the good of the few!"
Ruby at Spock Day: “The good of the many outweighs the good of the few!”


Open Power Association Newsletter #10

The Open Power Association at www.hydrobetatron.org has released Newsletter No. 010 – May 2014. Here’s the original in Italian. Some excerpts of a modified google-translate to English follow.

PNH Pulsed Nanostructures Hydrobetatron: ITAbetatron reactor



ITAbetatron reactor for testing shared view Open Source Double reaction chamber (in an operating electrolysis, plasma electrolyte, gas, hydrogen plasma at low pressure, with circulation of electrolyte radioactive, with internal heat exchanger, cooled with circulation of electrolyte) to three electrodes for DC currents and/or pulsed for different rooms.


See also SCHEMATICS http://www.hydrobetatron.org/files/08_Report_Pulsed-Powder-Hydrobetatron.pdf


This is an area already identified and contracted by about 100 square meters, completely renovated facilities, centrally located and easily reached by underground, with parking with three car parking. The environment is quite adequate to accommodate our activities both for research and experimentation, and scientific documentation, etc. .

In addition, the space, just thought of as multi-purpose, will also be available to Members and Employees who want to lean on their experimental work, in common with us and/or confidential personal information, instrumented through the islands with the availability of a team of industry experts, or assign us specific assignments as long as these activities are, however, consistent with the purposes for which the Association aims.

Members of the Open Power also can now count on the presence of on-site secretarial services, documentation center, meeting room with projector, 3D printing facility and machine tool numerical control.

As you can imagine, this coordination requires an organizational effort and extraordinary economic from us …

Photo Lab Open Power under construction
Photo Lab Open Power under construction

The Science Sharing “Italian Way” in the World

On the “crowdfunding” campaign to raise funds for “Open Power” through the platform:
Who pays a minimum of $35 becomes Ordinary Member Open Power and receives tribute in the high-resolution files reactor “Athanor” (picture below), where you can also obtain a print -quality photo:

The Athanor Reactor by Open Power Association.
The Athanor Reactor by Open Power Association.

We are pleased to announce that Stephen QUATTRINI joined our Association “Open Power” as Honorary Member. http://www.coherence.it/wordpress/?page_id=439

Posted always on the site francescocelanienergy.org, the report of the “2014 CF / MIT LANR Meeting” http://www.francescocelanienergy.org/files/Presen_Finale-MIT2014A4_d25iue37.pdf

Also, the video of the conference at MIT in 2014 by Francesco Celani
Francesco Celani – March 22, 2014 MIT Cold Fusion Colloquium

Both the video and reports by Francesco Celani can also be reached at hydrobetatron.org: http://www.hydrobetatron.org/blog/index.php

“Here we are, finally. After many false starts this know-how has been done in order to get organized and protected to the widespread use around the world. An international network of blogs that deal with genuine innovation on the technological, social, cultural, including that one you read now, is spreading around the world this pioneer project that impacts the scope of most critical and strategic [of systems], namely the production of renewable energy cost to near zero.

Many groups of engineers coordinating information, and exchanging information, with regard to detailed technical solutions are already in place in many nations. Our everyday landscape is about to change. The ability to cause no pollution becomes feasible. Welcome to the future, and see you at the next updates… ” –Jervé
FOR MORE CLICK http://ian1972.wix.com/quantum



Help support Our research and experimentation on LENR, etc. You can join the “Open Power” Association by connecting to hydrobetatron.org


Make a simple donation paypal.com

HEADING : ” Pills of Wisdom ”

PILL 007
Be wary of those who think they know everything, and that they believe (mostly illusory ) had it all …

There are people who cite from memory – and mechanically – whole passages of books written by others (and even wonderful passages of the Holy Scriptures ), which often have not in fact been understood or assimilated, and even less developed internally; and above all, then do not even have any ability to make these coherent and consistent, and then to put them into practice in their everyday life … And in doing so only out themselves superstitious ignorance and fear of death …

If we look at the history of science then, we see how the theories that have been taught for centuries, such as that the Earth was flat, were overcome, such as happened with the theory that the earth is in fact spherical, and compact ( with magma in the center). Now, even this theory, widely credited begins to waver, and in fact, there are theories and scientific evidence that the Earth might be hollow inside, and accommodate even the vast oceans …

“Even the dogma now prevailing, that nuclear reactions can take place only at temperatures of order of millions of degrees Celsius, was painstakingly refuted in 1989 by Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, with their pioneering experiments on LENR …”

Even environments Spiritual and Religious then, unfortunately, as do those of Science, as we know, are full of people materialistic, dogmatic, fundamentalist and fanatical …

People use these types of Spirituality, Religion and Science, only to gain power, material wealth, and prestige Personal. They did not understand that without love, truth, spontaneity and sharing, all is vain, empty, and devoid of meaning in life Human …

These people unfortunately forget that Spirituality, Religion and Science are used to make us evolve and improve, and do not make us stupid, conformist, dogmatic, and “bad fats” automata …

It is not the material well-being which in itself can make us happy. There are riches and material goods sufficient to make us free, but rather it is in having few wants and needs, the ability to know contentment and joy having only what is necessary, wherein lies the secret of true happiness. It helps a lot, however, having awareness of being rich, ( Divine ), inside …

The planet Earth is now put in grave danger because of the activities of Human recklessness, dangerous and predatory, and selfishness of a minority of rich, often devoid of human and ecological sensitivity. Without a paradigm shift, without a “happy degrowth” and the use of new energy and clean, sustainable technologies, the Human race and planet earth will hardly have a chance to survive in the coming decades …

Let us commit ourselves then with all humility, to nurture free thought, right, creative and positive. We develop every day our ability to love alike all sentient beings, and to respect the planet Earth ( also Matter is Holy ! ). We aim to achieve a direct, personal, and authentic with the Divine (which is already in us !) …

Namaste !
L. S.
Contact Open Power Association