Live Long and Prosper – Cold Fusion Now!

Title graphic: Cold Fusion Then – Cold Fusion Now!.

It was twenty-six years ago today that the world learned of a new form of energy that promised a green technological future for all life on Earth.

Twenty-six years later, we can’t yet buy a reactor in Home Depot, but prototypes are […]

Open Power Association Newsletter #10

The Open Power Association at has released Newsletter No. 010 – May 2014. Here’s the original in Italian. Some excerpts of a modified google-translate to English follow.

PNH Pulsed Nanostructures Hydrobetatron: ITAbetatron reactor


ITAbetatron reactor for testing shared view Open Source Double reaction chamber (in an operating […]

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Michio Kaku informed on new developments in cold fusion

Jeremy Rys of asks Dr. Michio Kaku his thoughts on cold fusion science, and alerts him to the accelerating development of the field since the first announcement of the discovery 25 years ago.

Dr. Kaku is a teacher and author of numerous popular science books as well as textbooks on high-level […]

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Appeal to Putin on cold fusion countered with ‘nothing new’

A message from Dr. Edward Tsyganov:

Dear colleagues!

In early February 2014, I sent an appeal to the President of the Russian Federation on the so-called “cold fusion.” The realization that, in this case, we have encountered a completely new and epoch-making event in nuclear physics prompted me to do so. Cold fusion […]

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Read and rate: “Cold Fusion May Have Revolutionary Potential” by Jed Rothwell

Rate this essay on cold fusion submitted to the Foundational Questions Institute, and give new energy your vote!

Cold Fusion May Have Revolutionary Potential by Jed Rothwell of was submitted to the FQXi How Should Humanity Steer the Future? 2014 Essay Contest. Open to entries until April 18, 2014.

Go to […]

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Vote for LENR-Cars now!

VIDEO: Nicolas Chauvin presenting LENR Cars as part of Entrepreneurial Efforts at the 18th International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF-18).

Nicolas Chauvin, research scientist, innovator and entrepreneur, is up for the Future Energy Startup Investment opportunity with his LENR Cars, and he needs your vote now.

Say YES to LENR here with your […]

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Global Breakthrough Energy Conference is on in Boulder!

The second annual Global Breakthrough Energy Movement conference is on schedule to bring energy innovators together from around the world next week in Boulder, Colorado, in spite of the floods that have destroyed parts of the area.

Originally to be held at the University of Colorado Boulder campus, an angel named Darek […]

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ICCF-18 Presentation Videos for Monday, July 22

The 18th International Conference on Cold Fusion was held at the University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri, U.S over July 21-27, 2013

Here’s the ColdFusionNow YouTube channel with Monday’s videos, or see below for the individual links to each video.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 Presentation videos
Tuesday, July 23, 2013 Presentation videos
Monday, July 22, 2013 […]

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