About James Martinez

James Martinez [Bio] was the Host and Media Director for Cold Fusion Radio on Ca$h Flow/Payday Show on Achieve Radio, a program dealing with financial and banking issues. From his studio in Beverly Hills, California, he has interviewed researchers and entrepreneurs in the new energy field. Contact James.

Cold Fusion Radio’s James Martinez on Buzzsaw

From TheLipTV Channel on Youtube:

Cold Fusion, nuclear power and the global economy are put under the microscope with guest James Martinez in this full length interview for Buzzsaw with Sean Stone. We take a look at the possibility of free energy revolution–from Andrea Rossi’s game changing technology in cold fusion, to […]

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Go Well My Friend..Russell Means

UPDATE Special Cold Fusion Radio show on Russell Means on getting cold fusion for the Lakota Nation and Treaty School. [download .mp3]

To my brother and friend, we were set to speak together in a matter of days.

I will speak on your behalf and deliver my promise to the […]

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“Once again, our Grandmother the Earth has offered us, her children, the elements we need to survive. Will we listen?”
–Russell Means

I’m very proud to announce that this is my first public statement on ColdFusionNow.org The time has come after many years to rise from behind the scenes and begin to […]

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