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Benjamin Drose has a degree in political science and is a technical writer by trade. Ben started the blog e-Cat Site in the Fall of 2011 to cover the story of Andrea Rossi and subsequently joined Cold Fusion Now, bringing his interest in the business of LENR with him. Contact Ben

A Fork in the Road to Replication

When you come to a fork in the road, take it! — Yogi Berra
Being able to replicate a scientific discovery is one of the mainstays of the scientific method. Difficulty in replicating the Fleischmann and Pons experiment in 1989 has given rise to the widely held myth that cold fusion in […]

Cold Fusion and Cocktails

I think the whole cold fusion community, scientists, researchers and advocates alike, were outraged by the cold fusion hit piece that was recently posted on Scientific American.  Believe me, I was as perturbed as many of the rest of you.  I had an article full of righteous indignation and anger but […]

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A Closer Look at Brillouin

As has been pointed out previously, as developments regarding LENR continue to occur at an increasing pace, and from a growing number of individuals and companies, it is sometimes difficult to keep track of relevant news. In the last article, I tried to bring everybody up-to-date with news regarding Defkalion as […]

Defkalion Settles in Canada

Several months ago, I posted an article asking the question Can Defkalion Survive the Greek Crisis?  To summarize, I explored the obstacles that Defkalion Green Technologies faced starting a commercial enterprise in a country in the midst of economic turmoil and rising social unrest.  This would certainly be problematic for any new […]

Cold Fusion Now and e-Cat Site Join Forces

I am happy to announce that I have accepted an opportunity to join Ruby Carat to become an author and editor at Cold Fusion Now.  In addition, I will be helping her with moderation and other duties on the site.  The cold fusion story is expanding so rapidly and in so […]

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