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Gregory Chaitin on cold fusion research: Japan and Sweden are the “only two countries with the political will”

Gregory Chaitin is a Professor of Computer Science and Philosophy of Computing at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Here he discusses the landscape of LENR with Tom O’Brien posting on podomatic. Chaitin gives Andrea Rossi credit for bringing cold fusion to a wider consciousness and mentions […]

The divine road ahead

I am a one- trick pony.

OK. A three-trick pony then.

I do not have the scary blades of Wolverine or Thor’s mighty Hammer.

And there is a lot of water between me and Igil Skallagrimson.

I am not even as good a poet. (You guessed that he was an exceptional Poet, right?)

However, I […]

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Daejeon lectures, II

Did you ever wonder if Cold Fusion were real?

Just between you and me, of cause.

Well this might add some balance to your view.

Tyler has created an honest to goodness Engineer’s perspective of the veracity of Lattice assisted Nuclear Reactions which he shared with us at Daejeon.

It might take your mind off the howling wind outside. […]

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Lectures From Daejeon

The videos of the lecture from Daejeon ICCF-17 have arrived. I must lay out the ground rules and provisos.  I am not allowed to rebroadcast the lectures. I am not allowed to release the password.  These are the wishes of the conveners and I have to respect them.  They, the Cold […]

Updates from ICCF-17

Cold Fusion Now is attending the 17th International Conference on Cold Fusion ICCF-17 in Daejeon, Korea in the form of science fiction author and CFN contributor Arthur Robey traveling from Australia, and patent lawyer and author David French, who trekked in from Canada.

ICCF-17 runs August 12-17, although a Workshop began […]

The Ramifications of Free energy.

How did we manage to become this many?

What changed?
We discovered a magic energy source. Fossil Fuel. To be precise, Oil. And the oil is going away.
Numerous sources are adamant that Peak oil has been reached.
None of this should raise eyebrows by now.

But what is the connection between Oil and population?
“In their […]

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Cold fusion, confusion and the mad left.

Ian McGilchrist explains in his book The Master and his Emissary that brain studies have shown that the Left brain is responsible for creating models of reality. This is a vital task that the Emissary has to undertake for the Master, the Right Hemisphere.

It seems odd to talk of my […]

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