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“We as citizens have to be ready to participate in co-creating our society
and demand the tools to do so. We cannot expect others to create the reality
we want to live in if we’re not willing to put any effort in that.”

Birgitta Jonsdottir Icelandic Parliment, James Martinez Ca$h Flow interview July 5, 2010. .mp3

Find Your Own Voice And Use It
Jayne Cortez, Poet

Cold Fusion/Widom-Larsen Theory Renewable Energy Petition taking signatures from around the world. Sign it!

Contact Quinton Crawford at Cold Fusion Now for more.

Let’s surrender our Nickels to our Senators and Representatives, sending a message regarding the coming shift in the energy paradigm.

Send us a link to your reps along with coin image to Cold Fusion Now.

Print a few nickel coins to a page, saying

1.25 grams of nickel can make energy equivalent to 5 barrels of oil!
LENR/Cold Fusion Works!

or, print this sticker-size graph to post on bulletin boards in your neighborhood.
Right-click to Save .jpg

Pennsylvania, U.S. anti-fracking demonstration seeks cold fusion solution. Thx Wp.

Print your nickels on the
Top Five Benefits of Cold Fusion Technology Fact Sheet .pdf
and send to your legislators, political candidates, and community leaders.

Send the Fact Sheet to your local news station and ask them to find out what’s happening in your area.

Your support keeps us going.
Be a Sponsor and Donate to Cold Fusion Now!

Support cold fusion advocates who bring the cold fusion community to your digital door.

U.S., call the Whitehouse Comment Line at 1-202-456-1111.
Tell the President there is a path to clean, abundant energy. Fund LENR research now.

U.S., Phone Your Representatives in Congress and Senate.
Let them hear the words: cold fusion for clean, safe energy.

Green Party
Help your third Party and independent candidates adopt a platform supporting LENR.

U.S. Green Party here.

This is now! the real-time collection of data-sharing can spread the meme of clean energy, too. Organize a Tweet-In and move that AI to New Energy.

Talk about new energy with your friends, your family, at your school and where you work.

Tell them there is a solution to our energy problems.

Get a science demonstration together and tour your local
elementary and middle schools. They don’t have money for
science equipment, and each school can’t reproduce the
same set-up. Getting a demonstration together and
touring a few of your local schools can make a
difference in a young person’s life, opening up their
mind to new possibilities that they themselves can

Donate books on low-energy nuclear reactions to your
local library, to a high-school or college library.
Donate books to your local high school and college
chemistry departments.
You not only help develop young scientists,
but you financially support the authors and researchers in this field.

Cold fusion is an idea worth spreading.
Nominate a TED speaker here.
Who would you like to hear speak on cold fusion?

Propose a Cold Fusion X PRIZE to the X PRIZE Foundation.
The form is online here.

Start a scholarship fund in your name encouraging
students to study electro -chemistry and physics. Your
financial support is crucial to young scientists. 
Call your local college or university science department.

And thanks to YOU …

Past Action
Petition the President
Investigate the Usefulness of the Energy Catalyzer
from Kelley T. — Sign it by December 13 2011 to PASS.

Past Action
Sign the Whitehouse Petition supporting the initiative from Iranian scientists: Fusion For Peace!

Past Action
Are you a federal employee?
Then sign this campaign to Fund Low Energy ResearchVoting is Disabled.

Past Action
Cold Fusion – An International Juried Exhibition [details here]

International Deadline: May 4, 2012 – Cold fusion often refers to the experimental process of generating a nuclear reaction at room temperature that would provide an inexpensive and abundant source of energy.

Building on the theme of COLD FUSION we are calling for artwork that somehow creates a fusion of ideas, materials, forms, or processes that results in something greater than its parts. Employing the ideas of science fiction, magic, and gestalt, we are curious to see how artists can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Read more details here

Cold Fusion Now for Peaceful Planet Tomorrow