Edmund StormsEdmund Storms is a nuclear scientist with over two decades of experimental research in cold fusion.

He is the author of The Science of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction, a comprehensive survey of the field published in 2007.

Dr. Storms has been interviewed extensively by Cold Fusion Now. Here you’ll find some of those conversations in words, audio, and video.


November 2012 Nature of energetic radiation emitted from a metal exposed to H2 by Edmund Storms and Brian Scanlan [.pdf]

June 2012 An Explanation of Low-energy Nuclear Reactions (Cold Fusion) by Edmund Storms [.pdf]
Journal of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science 9 (2012) 1–22 © 2012 ISCMNS. All rights reserved.

May 2012 A Students Guide to Cold Fusion [read]

April 2012 What is Cold Fusion and Why Should You Care? by Edmund Storms and Brian Scanlan [read]

The Status of Cold Fusion 2010
published in Naturwissenschaften 97 (2010) 861 [.pdf]

Why is cold fusion rejected? [read]
How do we change conventional attitudes about cold fusion? [read]
Status of Cold Fusion 2010 [read]
Q&A with Dr. Edmund Storms [read]



James Martinez interviewed Edmund Storms on his Ca$h Flow Show inaugurating the Cold Fusion Radio series.

The interview Edmund Storms on the Rossi Device: “There will be a stampede” March 1 2011 was filmed by 137Films for the upcoming documentary The Believers. read excerpts download .mp3

Edmund Storms interview on Ca$h Flow May 13 2010 download .mp3
Edmund Storms interview on Ca$h Flow Nov 20 2008 download .mp3

Paramedia Ecologist Bob Neveritt reads excerpts from Storms’ “A Students Guide to Cold Fusion” details



Edmund Storms lecture What is Cold Fusion and Why Should You Care? at the 19th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference on July 27, 2012. [watch]

An Explanation of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (Cold Fusion), an interview with Edmund Storms by Ruby Carat on his new idea of what initiates the reaction held July 27, 2012 after his NPA lecture. [watch]

The Nuclear Active Environment and Metals that Work details August 2010

Federal Support and the Rossi Effect details August 2010.

Biological Transmutation details August 2010.

Transition details August 2010.


Other Events

University of Missouri Energy Summit 2009

Edmund Storms Kiva Labs 2007 scientific survey of the field in “What is cold fusion?” in seven parts.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7